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About us



eFuture IT and Management Services Pvt Ltd is a venture which aims to address the current gap in the demand and supply of trained manpower and is designed to deliver quality with scale.
Our team consists of a pool of consultants who help in mapping, magnifying and tracking the right talent, efficiently and quickly using tested research models. The complexity, brisk pace and global platform of today's business environment demand a special set of characteristics from the workforce.

Over the last few years, we have seen thousands of new job opportunities opening up in the services sector in Retail, IT, BPO, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality and so on. However, each of the employers in these sectors has been expecting the candidates to have specific skill sets which would make them productive from day one as they enter into the corporate world. This is an ongoing challenge which organizations have to juggle with.

Our pools of consultants identify the talent existing in various parts of India and assess them on the Global Parameters that organizations have opted. They further help the prospectus employees to bridge the gap between the two value systems through rigorous assessment and training which will help them making productive from day one.



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